Little Scientists® Curriculum Exceeds New National Science Standards

Scientific Skills Strands Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
The Nature of Science Physical Science What is a Magnet?   Magnets Gravity Pressure Properties of Magnets   What Is Alternative Energy? Energy Of Motion Electricity & Magnetism
Will it Bounce?     Transportation   Simple Machines Complex Machines   What Are Complex Machines? Building Bridges
Can We Build It? Flight
Force & Motion Motion & Forces
How Do Colors Mix? Color     Mixtures   Science of Polymers     Mixtures & Solutions
    Molecular Matter States of Matter Chemistry   Separating & Purifying What Are Chemicals?   Chemistry
Will it Float? Floating & Sinking   Water Bouyancy          
What is a Bubble? Light & Mirrors What is Light?   Crystals Optic & Mirrors Light      
    What is Sound?       Sound      
Life Science Why Do Leaves Fall? Fall Plants Life Cycle of Plants Plants & Animals What Are Plant Adaptations? How Are Organisms Classified? What Is Photosynthesis?    
What is an Animal? Winter (E) Animals     Animal Adaptations      
  What Is Evolution?    
What Makes Me Healthy? The Five Senses Health Nutrition   What is Healthy? Senses Cells & Microorganisms Human Biology Systems Human Reproduction
Human Body
    Life Cycles     Heredity   DNA, Cells, & Heredity Cells & Organs Heredity & Genetics
  Coastal Community   Ponds Seashore Ecoysystems     Ecology & Energy Flow  
Rainforests Oceans
Earth Science Why is it Cold Outside? (L) What is Weather?   Weather   Water Cycle   Weather & Climate How Does Water Affect Landforms?  
        Conservation     Why is Water Essential?    
Fossils & Dinosaurs
Why Do Flowers Grow? (L) Earth   Sand or Soil Rocks & Volcanoes       What Are Landforms On Earth? Our Earth In The Solar System
    Our Sun       Stars & Constellations     What Is Astronomy?
  Spring (L) Solar System Seasons   What Defines Our Solar System? Changing Seasons     What Makes The Changing Seasons?
(L) This unit also belongs in the Life Sciences Strand.    (E) This unit also belongs in the Earth Sciences Strand.



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