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Ask Dr. Universe
This curious cat will answer your science questions. Read answers to questions others have asked, ask your own question, or visit Dr. Universe's favorite Web sites.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy
Visit Bill Nye's lab, find science experiments you can do at home, or send him your science question. [Shockwave required]

Featuring animated movies that explain matters of health, science and technology, this site offers useful information in kid-friendly packaging.

Cool Science for Curious Kids
Kids can explore animal classifications, dust particles in the air, the stages of a butterfly's life, and which plant parts to use in a garden salad at this simple and well-designed site from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Discovery Channel Animal Planet
Animal Planet is a new 24 hour channel that brings people of all ages together for entertainment that celebrates our fascination and passion for animals. Visit their Web site for schedules, animal stories, and advice on taking care of your pets.

Exploratorium Exploranet
Come visit San Francisco's renowned science museum on the Web. Find dozens of online exhibits and do-it-yourself experiments.
A newsmagazine of current science, focusing on earth and space sciences and weather. Regularly updated features written in plain English make this a wonderful science resource for homework or just browsing.

Franklin's Forecast
Learn to make your own weather station, how to read radar, get clues for tracking storms and more at this great weather site from the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia.

Meet the Frog of the Month, learn all about frogs (even how to keep your pet frog), and color pictures from the online coloring book.

Health Windows for Kids
Learn about the human body and what helps you stay well and what makes you sick; explore nutrition, fitness, and safety; or visit some of the "just for fun" places. If some of the words on this site are new, you might want to ask your parents to explore with you.

How Things Work
From the popular book by the same name, Dr. Lou Bloomfield answers all your questions about how everyday things work. If you don't find the answer to your question here, just write to him and ask.

Kids Weather
Weather information just for kids from the National Weather Service. Teachers can find classroom activities here as well.

NASA Is My Playground
This single site provides a one-stop shop for access to NASA's various kid-oriented sites.

National Wildlife Federation
Learn about the National Wildlife Federation, read articles from magazines like Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard, read about endangered animals and learn what you can do to help save them.

NOVA Online: Ice Mummies
Mummies of all kinds are the topic here.

The Sea
This site covering the oceans of the world has interesting facts that are useful for students. Oceans Map is interactive and displays the four oceans on a world map, providing information for each. A table lists all the seas for each ocean. Additionally, there is information about hurricanes; currents and waves; tides; and sea creatures such as seals, whales, dolphins, rays, and sharks.

Science 4 Kids
This new e-zine from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), aimed at kids aged eight to thirteen with an interest in science, introduces various projects of ARS scientists in a collection of stories.

Science Learning Network
A science museum designed specifically for the Internet, this site is an endlessly diverting collection of exhibits, experiments and discussions of science issues currently in the news.

Teachers and students are invited to log on to the world's first online ocean adventure learning game. [Shockwave required]

The Space Place
Sponsored by NASA, the California Institute of Technology, and a consortium of other technology partners, The Space Place demonstrates and explains scientific concepts related to astronomy in a fun, hands-on manner that is tailored to grade school children.

USDA for Kids
From the U.S. Department of Agriculture comes this site which will helps kids explore food safety and nutrition, backyard conservation, agriculture, weather and much more.

Whale Net
A cooperative effort of Simmons and Wheelock Colleges and the National Science Foundation, Whale Net will introduce you to whales, let you ask the scientists questions, and watch slide shows of whales in action.

The Why Files
Funded by the National Science Foundation, The Why Files allow children to explore the science behind today's headlines from cloning sheep to finding life on Mars.

You Can With Beakman and Jax
You love his TV show, now visit him on the Web see cool interactive demos of lots of fun science.

Yuckiest Site on the web
If you like insects, worms and other creepy things, this is the site for you. Wendell, your worm reporter, will answer all your questions and teach you all about these "yucky" things.

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