Did you know that for the past several decades, our society has de-emphasized the importance of science?

Ironically, this has taken place at a time when the world's need for scientists has increased dramatically.

The President of the United States, the nation's governors, concerned parents, school systems, day care centers and special interest groups all over the country are searching for the right tools to instill in our children a lifelong interest in the sciences that make our world go around.

The Little Scientists® "hands-on" approach to teaching and learning was created to achieve two goals: to instill in children a passion for the exciting world of science and to help children develop specific scientific skills that will enable them to enjoy a lifetime of learning.

We now have over 450 "hands-on" science lessons in subjects such as: Why is the Sky Blue, Magical Magnets, the Science of Flying, Chemistry, Electromagnetism -- and we are continuing to develop new lessons.


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