In-School Field Trips

Little Scientists® has over 450 hands-on, minds-on, inquiry & practice based science lessons. These lessons can be taught as an In-School Field Trip where a Little Scientists® certified teacher brings the manual, and all consumable and durable materials to your classroom.

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The Little Scientists® teacher will spend 1 class period engaging your students in the science topic you have chosen for them. To choose a lesson topic for your classroom search your topic of interest on our science lessons page.

After school becomes a very enriching experience for our Little Scientists® students at the K-5 years. Many thousands of students have demanded to blow up volcanoes, make that goop, make their own bouncing ball and about 400 plus other programs. Pretty cool, no?

Hold onto your hat! We guarantee they will have a high flying adventure!

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Sign Up Your Classroom!

Call us at 1-800-FACT-FUN or use this form to sign up your classroom or school for In-School Field Trip(s)! A Little Scientists® representative will contact you as soon as possible.